The CSR Health Impact Awards — An IHW Council initiative is constituted to inspire organisations to drive a nationwide CSR–based health movement and to appeal to the corporate conscience of others to participate at a grander scale and make the movement stronger.

The awards recognise those organisations who have imbibed responsible business practices in their core philosophy by initiating the most impactful health CSR ventures that have driven change on the ground and have impacted millions of lives.

It is our guiding philosophy that focused & dedicated efforts, which impact areas directly related to health, should be recognized to inspire more hands and more initiatives to contribute towards the making of a healthy nation.

We believe that health is everyone’s priority and all business enterprises need to have health of the nation as the larger goal. Reaffirming our credo that health is the responsibility and outcome of everybody’s contribution, we are delighted to present the 8th Edition of CSR Health Impact Awards 2024.

8th CSR Health Impact Awards 2024

The CSR Health Impact Awards, now in its 8th edition aim to honour and showcase innovative efforts dedicated to health at all levels. Over the past seven years, the CSR Health Impact Awards have served as a catalyst for raising awareness about the importance of good health and recognizing groundbreaking CSR initiatives aimed at achieving this goal. As we embark on the eighth edition, our focus remains steadfast on nurturing a healthier, more prosperous future for all, driven by the ethos of unity and collective responsibility towards building a sustainable and resilient global community.

Past Awardees 

Key Highlights

Esteemed Speakers


CSR Health Project (Large Corporate)
CSR Preventive Health Project (Rural)
CSR Preventive Health Project (Urban)
CSR Health System Strengthening Project
CSR NCD Control Project
CSR Health Awareness Campaign
CSR Women & Child Health Project
CSR Elederly Care Project

CSR Nutrition Project for Children
CSR Nutrition Project for Rural Areas
CSR Nutrition Project for Urban Areas
CSR Food For All Project
CSR Nutritional Awareness Project

CSR Plantation Drive
CSR Waste Management Program
CSR Environmental Sustainability Project
CSR Clean Energy Project
CSR Sustainable Livelihood Project
CSR Clean Air Project (Urban)
CSR e-Waste Recycle Project
CSR Environment Protection Awareness Project
CSR Swacch Bharat Project

CSR Clean Water Project (Urban)
CSR Clean Water Project (Rural)
CSR Water Harvesting Project
CSR Water Body Revival Project
CSR WASH Initiative
CSR Water Conservation Awareness Project

CSR Sports Promotion Project
CSR Urban Green Spaces Project
CSR Public Infrastructure Project

CSR Leader of the Year
Health Focused NGO of the Year
Best CSR Impact Maker of the Year
Most Innovative CSR Project of the Year
COVID Public Health Warriors
Social Impact Business of the Year
Social Impact Champion of the Year

Esteemed Jury

Past Partners & Sponsors


IHW Council works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier, happier world. With the core belief that health is everyone’s responsibility, IHW Council initiatives get everyone talking about health at the national and international level. It is our guiding philosophy that focused, dedicated efforts which impact areas related to health should be recognized to inspire more hands and more initiatives that can contribute towards the making of a healthy nation. Our core belief stands to be that health is everyone’s priority and all human enterprises need to have national health as a larger goal.

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