The CSR Health Impact Awards are for three major groupings


Organizations that have either spent or have been a primary partner of a CSR Health project that amounts upto 5 Crore.


Organizations that have either spent or have been a primary partner of a CSR Health project that amounts from 5 to 100 Crores.


Organizations that have either spent or have been a primary partner of a CSR Health project that amounts to more than 100 Crores.

Health CSR Project

This award aims to recognize the CSR campaign which pulled it all together: passion, creativity, heart and soul, and of course, success; the initiative that had the biggest health outcome bang for the buck and effort expended and serves as an inspiration to other organizations whose CSR work is in the area of health.

Environment Impact Initiative

Reducing carbon footprint is vital for saving the planet. This award recognizes those who have used innovative and verifiable projects that push the boundaries in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and progressing towards carbon neutrality while enhancing sustainability. Initiatives will be rewarded for addressing carbon, water and ecological footprint; implementation of innovative measures resulting in reduced carbon emissions, spreading awareness to promote carbon reduction efforts within the organization and in the community; implementing policies to integrate employee behaviours and transformative thinking to the wider stakeholder community and such similar initiatives.

Swachh Bharat Impact

This award recognizes those organizations which have taken initiatives on energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, waste disposal, compost pits or similar infrastructure on cleanliness, painting and adoption of clean-green technology and instilling in their employees the philosophy of the Prime Minister’s objectives through the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

WASH Initiative

The award aims at recognizing new approaches, methods, techniques or technologies adopted and applied to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) challenges. Innovations should have the potential for scaling up on how WASH services are designed or delivered, or their impact measured. Innovation will be considered across the spectrum of water, sanitation, and hygiene, creating awareness about the importance of these essentials aspects of health.

CSR Health Campaign

This award is for the organization that came to the rescue for a health based cause that needed more awareness. The organization may have motivated a large group of their employees or other people to create programs that drive awareness contributing to good health outcomes in the community. A feature would be the way they got the organization (and the public) behind this cause, the channels they used and the measurable impact they made.

CSR Food Initiative

This award is open to organizations which have had a significant impact on policy and implementation of public nutrition, including acting towards national food security, emphasis on awareness about healthy foods through innovative methods for engagement with end users, as well as challenging fundamental misconceptions about nutrition and how it relates to well-being.

Swasth Bharat Initiative

Preventive healthcare directly improves health, well-being and productivity of communities and promotes equity by benefiting most of the disadvantaged and marginalized groups; while curative healthcare is essential to contain and cure any disease or condition across all sections of society. This award covers those initiatives that include a range of public health activities focusing on prevention of diseases or making affordable healthcare accessible to the significant population, promotion of good health and strengthening of health systems.

Rural Health Initiative

Around 68% Indian population or around 83 crore people live in rural areas with limited access to quality healthcare and lack of proper mechanism to promote awareness on preventive healthcare. This award is for the organization that has made a significant impact through its CSR activity in making health awareness and healthcare accessible to the rural population.

Health Impact NGO

Hundreds of NGOs across the nation help funding organizations meet their CSR dream. This award is to recognize the NGO which has done exceptional work in helping various funding organizations help realize their CSR objectives by creating high health impact on the ground and transforming health scenario of a geographical area.

CSR Implementation Partner

This award is for the organization which has been an effective implementing CSR partner by helping the corporate enterprise utilize its CSR funds to cause maximum health impact. The CSR implementation partner can be an NGO, another company, institution, public or private body, but not the CSR arm of the company, which has helped the corporate enterprise meet its CSR objectives in the domain of health and healthcare.

Women and Child Health Initiative

Women and children comprise more than half the population of India, facing major health concerns. This award is to recognize the most impactful CSR project in the field of women and child health and welfare, promoting good health and well-being.

Elderly and Differently Able Health Initiative

India houses more than 10.4 crore elderly & 2.6 crore differently abled people who are in need of suitable public infrastructure and healthcare services, with limited financial strength. This award recognizes the CSR initiatives which are directed to make lives better for these groups of people who are often ignored by the mainstream society.

Mental Health Initiative

This award recognizes an organization that has contributed in tackling the growing challenges of mental health by spreading awareness or by providing measurable and impactful solutions through products or services that contribute towards mental health and wellness.